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For my first post of 2023 (March, I know) I thought I would show you where I spend most of my time. Since the autumn of 2020 I’ve been working to complete a number of projects that will be announced over the coming weeks or months. I completed 3 large drawings for one project, which took about 60 hours each. I painted two book covers and I’m doing a large ink piece for a private commission. Oh and there’s a new novel as well. It’s a fantastic way to enter the new year, and I am very grateful to have these opportunities.

I plan to carry my excitement about the new work into this blog, which I’ve somewhat neglected for the past few months. Social media has its place, great for the sugar high of the quick reaction, but the blog feels more like my own place. There will be things I don’t share on social, sketches writing fragments, odd stuff I come across. So, I hope you’ll find your way here from time to time.


Sketch with Fossils

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