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My Workspace For my first post of 2023 (March, I know) I thought I would show you where I spend most of my time. Since the autumn of 2020 I’ve been working to complete a number of projects that will be announced over the coming weeks or months. I completed 3 large drawings for one... Continue Reading →

Symphonist 5

Symphonist No.5 is a silverpoint miniature (4"x3"). It's one of an ongoing series. Silverpoint lends itself beautifully to miniature work due to the precision you can get with the silver stylus. Over time, this drawing will darken as the particles of silver trapped by the ground begin to tarnish.

Octopus Collar – On Sale

This original drawing is ON SALE for $100.00. If you are interested, please email me to ensure availability. Other available original works can be seen here. Proceeds from the sale of these works are being used to support future publishing projects. Thanks for looking. Apologies for those that have already seen this post on FB.... Continue Reading →

Original Works for Sale

I have just added a page of original art work to my website. These works are available for sale. If something strikes your interest, you can use an email link on the page to ask any questions you may have. Some of the works are illustrations from books, others are personal works. Check them out... Continue Reading →

A List

Ghosted Earworm Sinistral Sister Nameless Informant Forbidden by the Deep Centipede Demon Tin Man Strangewood Tadpole Pins Fairy Feller's Master Stroke Ebb and Flow Bell Demon Freedom of Imagination Belial Leviathan Green Demon Seven Sisters Hunter's Blind Apples Time Traveler Nighshade Warm Sea Invisible World These are the titles of all the drawings and paintings... Continue Reading →

Mid-January Progress Report

I've been bringing these two pieces along over the last few days. I've been listening to a lot of Band of Horses, Wilderness of Manitoba and Besnard Lakes. It's funny how different drawings have their soundtracks. I included the detail of The Warm Sea so you can get a little bit of a sense of... Continue Reading →

I have 8 signed prints of my image "Nestling" on sale until June 15. If you are interested in this, or other prints/ originals please visit my webstore.

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