The Whispering Wind

The Whispering Wind – a work in progress
© Richard A. Kirk 2013

I had an artistically productive day yesterday. I got in an hour and a half on novel edits sitting in Williams coffee shop. Later I prepped two silverpoint miniatures. One for a series called the Iconoclasts and another for The Secret Society series. I’ll show these little guys once they have been finished. In the meantime, I’ll give you a peek of a new ink drawing in progress that I’m doing called The Whispering Wind.

The Whispering Wind is of course a line taken from Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. The alliterative line has knocked around in my head for years and unexpectedly, when I had drawn 2/3 of this under-drawing it popped into my head. And there you are. The drawing wasn’t intended to have anything to do with the song. Or was it? Who can say what connections and associations happen in those hidden neural pathways. I am happy to imagine that at some level the line spoke to some part of my subconscious.

This is the first step. It’s a pencil line drawing on 140lb Arches hotpress paper. The next step will be to render and embellish the image with diluted acrylic ink using small brushes. I’ll post updates from time to time for those that are interested.

– Richard.

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