A BIG thanks to Hi Fructose Magazine for featuring my work on their website today. What an amazing start to Victoria Day!

I mentioned yesterday that I was working on some silverpoint miniatures. I thought I’d share some shots off my drawing table. The pictures are a bit grainy but I took them in the late afternoon and the light was fading. I’ll post a good scan of the final piece when it is finished.

silverpoint_1These are the basic tools: a piece of Linetek 600 illustration board (archival quality), sand paper, a stylus (0.5 mechanical pencil with silver wire inserted in place of graphite), and some ground (in this case Windsor Newton Permanent White gouache).

silverpoint_2Using a hard graphite point I did a line drawing on the board. As you can see I re-interpreted the original idea from a sketch in my book.

silverpoint_3The next step is the application of the ground. As mentioned, I am using gouache. The major consideration here is to get an even coverage (no puddles, lint or pieces of dried pigment!) The consistency of the ground is like homogenized milk.

silverpoint_4I’ve angled the board so that you can see the ground drying on top of the drawing. The reason I do the graphite drawing with a hard pencil is that a softer lead will mix with the ground and leave unwanted streaks. I do two coats, one horizontal and one vertical.

I should hasten to add that there are many ways to to approach silverpoint, especially in the area of grounds. This is just a very simple and efficient way to get started and has been extremely useful to me over the years.

– Richard.

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