Manuscript with Crow Skull

A crow skull makes a poor paperweight, but casts a nice shadow. This is the manuscript of a novel I am currently working on—already woefully out of date as I’m in the process of a pretty major re-write (thanks to some on-point observations from my literary agent). I revise digitally using GoodNotes for hand edits, Scrivener for structure and Word for the rest, but at a certain point in the process, I like to print the story out so that I can experience it as a physical thing. This week I am looking to strike a balance between several projects. My calendar is time blocked with colour coded bands. The editing band anoxic blue.

Fortunately, I have found oxygen in two books have helped me rouse the patient. I want to mention them here in case they are of use to others. The first is “The Last Draft: a novelist’s guide to revision.” by Sandra Scofield. The second is “The Creative Act: A Way of Being,” by Rick Rubin. Both books have taken up permanent space in my messenger bag. Scofield is a brilliant teacher. Rubin is Rubin. His book has tons of negative space in the design and my copy is bound for life as a notebook for creative thinking.

For the past week I’ve been finishing up a large commissioned drawing. I’m just starting a cover for a very special poetry book called “Mangoes of the Seventh Dimension,” by John Tyndall. Later in the week, I’m meeting with another artist to discuss the possibility of an art exhibition. I’m very excited about both of these projects as they are with good friends that I’ve known for many years, who’s work I have great respect for. As soon as I have details to share, I will. The poetry book contains a poem called “Silverpoint”, which John generously dedicated to me. It seems apt then to end this brief post with a detail from a silverpoint drawing I did a few years ago.

Much more to come.


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