Summer Deep

There’s an old T.Rex song called Summer Deep. The first verse goes like this…

Summer deep is in the hills again
His lady is a lioness
Winds of birds blow through the fields again
Invaders from the true worlds

Summer ends on September 22, so I suppose we are in Summer Deep now. I spent most of this past summer completing a few book projects, a new novel, and illustrations for two books written by others. I’ll share more details about these as soon as I can.

Marc Bolan & Mickey Finn

Winds of birds nicely anticipates what is to come when things get colder in October and November. For me, September is a time to refocus on creative work. I like to finish the year productively so that I can feel good about moving into the new year. This fall, I’ll focus my energy on some commissions and a number of personal works.

Speaking of the latter, the drawing detail below is a work in progress called Birdseye. I’m rendering it with a Rotring .18 Rapidograph pen. To complete a drawing like this, it is essential for me to maintain a schedule of work. I like to settle into this piece later in the day, usually the evening while listening to podcasts or music. Much of this particular piece has been done as I work my way through Rockonteurs With Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt and But I Digest, a great food podcast by my friend Hans Rueffert and Steve McDonagh.

Detail of Birdseye, a work in progress.

Finally, I should mention that I have replenished my webstore with a number of pieces old and new, and even a couple of rarities from past illustration projects. For September, at least, shipping to locations in Canada and the United States is free.


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