Crown of Coral

Crown of Coral, 14″ x 10,” watercolour on 140lb Arches Coldpress

This past week was productive. I handed in all of the artwork for Magpie’s Ladder (my forthcoming short story collection) to PS Publishing. Unfortunately I can’t show it to you yet, though if you follow me on Instagram you might have glimpsed some of the work in progress.

Instead, I am showing you this new watercolor piece called Crown of Coral. After a long, monochromatic winter I am in the mood for some color work. I hope you enjoy this piece. I have made it available on my Etsy site for a low price.

Work continues on edits for my new novel, Tailor of Echoes.


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  1. Hi Richard. My name is Saul Brambila (elefphanth) and im watercolorist and electronic music producer. I would like to expresse my fondness and sympathy of all you work and all your trayectory. Thats why im so interested to write this for you. Right now im studing in the arts school of México and im making a investigation of grotesque art and all about this concept, i dont want to bother or disturb you with this, this is not a despective view of your work, on the contrary, I really want to incluing you in this proyect, and see the posibility to work together in this short term future.
    Hope you read this as soon as posible, I reiterate that I really love how you work and all you road travel.

    Regards from México dear friend.

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