Sinistral Sister

Sinistral Sister
ink on paper
12″ x 8″

The thought behind this piece was to portray an entity that waits for the sleeper beyond the threshold of consciousness. The subtitle is “Awake for the Sleeper.” Appearances aside, the creature is not meant to be unambiguously malevolent. It is meant to represent the great unknown of our unconscious mind. The elements from which this creature is constituted are drawn from nature, things we might encounter – honey comb, branches, eyes, organs, insect wings. It is their unexpected juxtaposition, as in a dream, that unsettles us. Sinistral – meaning left-handed is a historic reference to otherness. To pass this creature, we must overcome our preconceived ideas. This is an idea that I am also exploring in my novel Necessary Monsters, so working on drawings like this can be thought of, for my purposes, as a kind of exploration for artistic works in other forms.
– Richard.


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