© Richard A. Kirk, 2014
© Richard A. Kirk, 2014

This fall I will have new artwork in a very special group show (I’ll talk more about the show later, once it has been properly announced). I’m planning two pieces for this show. To that end, I started a sketchbook dedicated to all of my ideas for these pieces. I find that it’s helpful to have one place for the drawings, so that I can refer to it easily as I work. Not everything will get used of course, but those ideas that don’t get used will seed other drawings down the road. Most will be graphite or pen and ink. I’ve posted a couple of the drawings from the book here so that you can see what I mean. I’m really excited with these new images.

Those of you who follow my work will already know that I have art in TOME 2: Melancholia, the second book from publisher 44Flood. My section of the book also features an interview where Clive Barker interviewed me about my work (I know, right?). 44Flood recently provided an update about the book.

– Richard.




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