Upcoming Show – Anomalies

I’ll be contributing to a beinart collective show at the Copro Gallery in October called Anomalies. There will be more information about the show later, but in the meantime, check out this list of incredible artists.

Travis Louie
Esao Andrews
Chris Mars
David Stoupakis
Chet Zar
Christian Van Minnen
Scott Scheidly
Jessica Joslin
Turf One (Jean Labourdette)
Naoto Hattori
Gregory Jacobsen
David Choquette
Brendan Danielson
Sandra Yagi
Tom Bagshaw
Pamela Wilson
Matt Martin
Scott G Brooks
Dietmar Gross
Heidi Taillefer
John Brophy
Richard A Kirk
Mia Araujo
Santiago Caruso
Tom Kuebler
Karl Persson
Jana Brike
Beau White
Isabel Peppard
Heather Nevay
Erik Thorsandberg
Jason Montinola
Stephanie Henderson
Jennybird Alcantara
Jessica Ward
Jeff Christensen
Matt Dangler
Leslie Ditto
Lee Roswell
Sarina Brewer
Jennifer Knaus
Tim French
Agostino Arrivabene
Caitlin Hackett
Cliff Wallace
Mark Elliott
Hector Javier Ramirez
Murielle Belin
Erik Alos
Mark Gleason

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