A couple of years ago, I was approached by Earthling Publications to illustrate a very limited collector’s edition of Dune. In the months that followed—of course, I said yes—I created 12 large graphite and carbon pencil drawings for the interior and a wraparound cover in oils.

Dune was a dream gig for me. I grew up reading Frank Herbert, so the opportunity to bring my artistic imagination to Dune was irresistible. A work this iconic comes freighted with its own visual iconography, but to the extent possible I veered in my own direction, not out of ego but to hopefully bring a new interpretation to the book’s imagery. You can decide how successful I was! The hardest thing by far was deferring my viewing of Villeneuve’s Dune for several months as I completed my drawings. Pure torture for a Dune fan!

I wanted to share a sampling of the art with readers of this blog, so here you go…

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