Out of a Violent Planet. Work in progress.
© Richard A. Kirk, 2012
Out of a Violet Planet. Detail.
Out of a Violet Planet. Detail.

As you can see I’ve made more progress on my piece for the Anomalies show coming up in October. I ordered the frame today, which means I might actually be able to enjoy the piece for a few days before I have to commit it to the hands of UPS. In the past it hasn’t been unusual at all to run from the framer to the shipper. I guess that situation is the leap into the cold lake strategy, as opposed to the dip your toe in the water and try to work up the nerve strategy. If the work sits at home too long it becomes difficult to part with.

This is a complex piece, taking the detail almost to the point of abstraction. How far can I go before the mind will cease to recognize the depiction of an entity? Its an interesting question. I was reading an interview with the cartoonist Seth, who talked about how even a single panel of a comic wants to move (my words), how it wants to tell a story. I think we want to see life even in the most distressed forms. Even in the deviation from the rule, in the anomaly, we see the rule or the norm. Our monsters are mirrors.


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