The Devil Tree #2, Limesticker, brushed ink on 140lb Arches hotpress paper, 7″ x 10″

The Devil Tree, number two, is Limestick. It is a comment on the horrible practice of catching songbirds by using sticky branches called limesticks, placed in orchards and other locations. Frequently, the birds are attracted by the playing of recorded electronic bird calls.

The Devil Tree pieces are a nice break from my larger more involved pieces of work. These usually take about two sessions. They are very direct.

I’ve spent the last few days doing the underdrawings on a few new pieces, which will be most likely rendered in pointillism. I also started writing a juvenile novel which came out of an idea that could not be ignored. I’m planning on committing to at least 1 hour per day for this latter project, which came to me more or less intact. Great fun, and a very interesting challenge.


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