The Warm Sea – Tales from Torporgraphic Oceans

The Warm Sea
a silverpoint work in progress

All images © Richard A. Kirk. Any reuse is strictly prohibited without permission of Richard A. Kirk

The Warm Sea is coming along, slowly. I’m departing from what is physically possible here; water like sculpture, heavy headed plants on spindly stalks, to say nothing of the airborne jellyfish. One of the pleasures of drawing is you get to re-invent reality. Now seriously, wouldn’t you like to live in world where jellyfish can float in the air?




Mid-January Progress Report

The Invisible World
work in progress
ink on paper
12″ x 8″
The Invisible World (detail)
The Warm Sea (detail of a silverpoint work in progress).

I’ve been bringing these two pieces along over the last few days. I’ve been listening to a lot of Band of Horses, Wilderness of Manitoba and Besnard Lakes. It’s funny how different drawings have their soundtracks. I included the detail of The Warm Sea so you can get a little bit of a sense of the marks I’m actually making on the board (they can get lost in a scan of the full piece). It feels good to hit the ground running with the drawing this year. Richard.