Bird of Ill Omen

The Bird of Ill Omen, was finished earlier this year. Even though it's only the end of March, the time spent on this drawing already seems long past thanks to the dramatic events in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The first tentative lines for this piece were drawn many years ago: the creature with the... Continue Reading →


I just finished this new drawing. It was originally intended to be called Neume (see earlier post) but a different character emerged in my mind as I worked on it. I've added a few details for a closer look. This work will be for sale on my webstore shortly. If you are interested, hit me... Continue Reading →

Of a Monstrous Child

This isn't the drawing that I intended to create. I had a different idea but when I started to execute it, other ideas came to me and I decided to go with it. I will get back to the original idea at some point. For this piece, I used a .18 Rapidograph pen. I stole... Continue Reading →

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