I am excited to be part of this upcoming show at Gallery Nucleus.

“From the forces that gift us with sunshine and curse us with storms, to the countless creatures that roam sky, earth and sea, to the plants that provide us with breath and life, to even the tiniest of organisms yet to be discovered, we are surrounded by Mother Nature at every moment. Nucleus presents an exciting group of diversely skilled artists that have come together to create a compelling collection of work that celebrates the harmonious existence of all things that live, breathe, and even photosynthesize. This visually stunning exhibition features a variety of mediums from a global roster of inspiring talent and urges to connect us to the beauty, power, and balance within the natural world.”

Exhibiting Artists:

Alex Louisa
Brooks Shane Salzwedel
Corinne Reid
Edward Kinsella
Frank Gonzales
Hannah Yata
Jan Huling
Joshua Harker
Katherine Brannock
Laura Bifano
Mab Graves
Michael Brown
Natasha Durley
Richard Kirk
Sean Avery
Teagan White

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