Beautifully Strange Press Release

Stag Horn
Stag Horn
ink on paper
© Richard A. Kirk 2013

Beautifully Strange

March 29 – April 24, 2013

The Clement Art Gallery

201 Broadway

Troy, NY 12180


On Friday March 29, The Clement Art Gallery will open an exhibition of twelve artists who’s work is exquisite, peculiar, astounding, dazzling, fascinating, mystifying, curious, delicate, magnificent, fantastic, alluring, unusual, enticing and Beautifully Strange.

The artists that comprise this exhibition remind us that magic in art still exists. You just have to push aside the standard, run of the mill cookie cutter abstracts, landscapes, and decorative print designs which seem to fill much of today’s artworld. Once you make your way through this thicket of the mundane and lay down your guard of what art should be, your rewarded with a visual feast, filled with imagination, symbolism, emotion, dreams and stories.

As author Jeffrey Thomas writes in his catalog introduction “It should not seem odd or unlikely that strangeness can be beautiful…the beautiful strange. “What we find unusual inspires our interest, our curiosity, our sense of wonder.”

For more information:

Contact: Jon Christopher Gernon, curator

Carrie Ann Baade – Lori Field – Jon Christopher Gernon – Robert Gullie – Steven Hazard – Steven Kenny – Caitlin Hackett – Sara Petruziello – Richard Kirk -Cheryl Anne Lorance – Robert Jon Robison – Benjamin Vierling

5 thoughts on “Beautifully Strange Press Release

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  1. I do really like your work! I found it because I was searching cochlear and you had done a piece with that name. I’m working on, thinking of a series about “sound”. My site is I would love to post something about your work if that is okay with you? Let me know.

    1. Thanks Belinda! A mention on your site would be wonderful. I looked at your work and it is fantastic. Thanks for getting in touch.


    1. I have led some art tours in San Francisco and know some of the artists he shows/has shown. I think he has a very good eye, I am not as familiar with how well he sells art though. I don’t think my work is right for him, I’ve never shown it to him. He seems to like edgier art.

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