TOME Update

tomeSome news today from 44FLOOD the publishers of TOME. TOME contains some of my work, along with an interview done by musician Rhys Fulber about my work.

“Huge day for us at the 44FLOOD studios…we just received an advance copy of TOME, and the book is better than we’d even imagined!

The books will ship out to us within the next few days and will take around one month to get here, so we’ll have them by the end of February. All the shipping supplies are already in place to get them out the door to you as fast as possible.

Visit the 44FLOOD storefront to order TOME and our other limited edition books and prints:

TOME is an annual 12×18″ limited-edition anthology with music CD showcasing world-class artists as they explore a single, esoteric theme using the comic book, painting, photography, and music mediums. This inaugural volume of TOME is 200 pages with a theme of “VAMPIRISM” and a February 2013 release date. TOME is curated/edited by Kasra Ghanbari and was created/designed by menton3 and Kasra Ghanbari.

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