The Devil Tree #1: Sleep – Ink & digital colour.
© Richard A. Kirk 2012
The Devil Tree #5: This Malicious Creature – Ink & digital colour.
© Richard A. Kirk 2012

I’m slightly freaking out that August is nearly over and FALL is a mere long weekend away. Somebody must have shoved me into a time machine because my brain is still in July mode!

I’ve been exploring some new territory of late, adding digital colour to scanned ink drawings. What began as technical curiosity, the search for a particular effect has now, to my chagrin, become a bit addictive. I love the way the flat, comic like application of the colour works with the brushed ink. I’m stoked enough about this that I plan to use this for a serious project. I’ll be talking about that more in the near future, but I thought you might like a peek at the direction.

The next few weeks will be extremely busy as I work on my three pieces for the Tome book – a super exciting announcement is coming tomorrow re my participation in Tome – , and finish my piece for the BeinArt show “Anomalies” coming up in October at the Copro Gallery. Plans for the World Fantasy Convention are starting to kick in as well. I just turned in the art for the con book. I can’t share it yet but I had a ton of fun doing it.

Look for new prints and original art on my Big Cartel site in the coming days.

So – lots coming up. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to FanExpo in Toronto last weekend due to circumstances beyond my control. But, we’ll be there next year bigger and better than ever.

In honor of the approaching autumn here is a quote from my favorite book.

“She had always lived her best life in dreams. She knew no greater pleasure than that moment of passage into the other place, when her limbs grew warm and heavy and the sparkling darkness behind her lids became ordered and doors opened; when conscious thought grew owl’s wings and talons and became other than conscious.”

“Little, Big”, John Crowley

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