Art of the Socially Distant

I hope everyone is doing okay. Today I’m posting a couple of things I did over the weekend. I hope you enjoy them.

Red Bird, 2020, ink & watercolour on 300lb coldpress, 8 x 10 inches


I found a little scribble in an old sketchbook and decided to turn it into a drawing. The watercolour gives the piece the feel of a children’s book illustration. One of the faces is even smiling, albeit a little wistfully, which is fairly unusual in my art.

Yellow Skull, ink on archival illustration board, 10 x 8 inches

This piece was more or less freestyle. I love playing with the hard silhouette of a profile. This character’s head has the shape of a flea. The foreground character was meant to evoke a death’s head moth.

Both of these pieces are available.

  • Richard

Audubon’s Hare


I came across this image while poking around on the Morgan Library and Museum website. It’s a beautiful sketch by Audubon. In the notes I discovered that Audubon had written a few lines in graphite on the back of the paper. I don’t know the circumstances that would have enabled Audubon to work at such a time, but the note is a moving reminder of what artist’s sometimes ask, and receive, from their work.

“I drew this Hare during one of the days of deepest sorrow I have felt in my life, and my only solace was derived from my Labour – This morning our beloved Daughter Eliza died at 2 o’clock – She is now in Heaven, and May our God ever bless her soul!”
James John Audubon, from the back of drawing “Gray Rabbit, Old Male, Female and Young.” Morgan Library and Museum.

– Richard.

Drawings from my Sketchbook

I pulled some vignettes from my current sketchbook to show you. These characters will probably find their way into my next piece. I always take great pleasure in the first appearance of characters. Their ghostly lines will become more refined and they will be given weight, light and shade, but there is an expressive quality to these nascent images. The next piece will be done in pointillism. I just bought a new pen to take on the task this morning. I expect this one will take a few weeks.

Michael’s puffball
© Richard A. Kirk 2013
You will never leave this place
© Richard A. Kirk 2013
Longarms, Longtongue
© Richard A. Kirk 2013