Dawn Botanist – detail

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The Dawn Botanist, Tears of the Poppy – detail

This is a detail of the piece I am working at on this cold, cloudy November day. It’s a small figure but it took 3 hours to ink. The reason being that the brush I was using is superfine, and though the godless jpeg compression would not have you believe it, the gradations are quite subtle. I hope you enjoy this little peek. This morning’s musical selection in the studio was Foals. A really excellent band I was completely unaware of before 9 AM.

Also, a friendly reminder that the Bestowed Upon Us show opens tonight at the Alexi Era Gallery. If you are in the area, please go and check it out. I’ve seen the preview and it is a gorgeous show. Thanks for your support.

  • Richard.

The Veil (on sale)

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The Veil, 2015, acrylic ink on paper, 12″ x 7″ (size approximate)



Update: The Veil is sold!

The Veil is a cross hatched drawing done with a dip pen and then painted with acrylic inks. The drawing was done last year but the coloring was done today. One of these days I’d love to illustrate a book in this technique.

This piece is on sale. If you are interested you can check it out in my webstore. Each time one of my sale pieces sells, I put up a new sale piece (eventually).

– Richard.

The Whispering Wind – Progress


The Whispering Wind – detail
© Richard A. Kirk 2013

Here are a couple of details from The Whispering Wind. I’m focused on the characters for the moment. The background will be rendered in lighter values to make the figures stand out a bit. Sometimes I like to bury everything in a dense mass but this piece calls out for a different treatment.

– Richard.


The Whispering Wind – detail

The Fish Parade

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Fish Parade_web

The Fish Parade
Ink on paper
© Richard A. Kirk

I did this drawing when my daughter was 3 years old. That’s her up on the top of the fish. Over the weekend I was looking through an old note book and found an entry that reminded me that The Fish Parade was the first drawing that I executed in a micro hatching technique with a brush. I use the technique quite often now. 9 years sure passes quickly!


Fish Parade_detail_1_web

Fish Parade_detail_2_web

Fish Parade_detail_3_web

Arthropod Series


Arthropod #1
ink on paper
© Richard A. Kirk


Arthropod #2
ink on paper
© Richard A. Kirk

Over the weekend I did a couple of line drawings, which seemed to cry out to become a series of some kind. I am calling it Arthropod. I have arthropods somewhat on the mind as I have been in the garden a fair bit lately; trying to beat back the weeds that got a foot hold during the cool spring.

These drawing started out as a paper test. I am using the tablet shown below. The paper has great a smooth surface that works well for technical pen as there is virtually no drag on the nib, just enough to hold the line. The paper is also a nice weight for drawing. I think that I am going to preserve this tablet for line drawing.

paper– Richard.