Nocturnalogic Redux

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nocturnalogicLast summer I spent some time photographing things in my garden with a macro lens. Some of the pictures were put on a blog called Nocturnalogic, which I have since discontinued. I have salvaged the images and added them to a gallery as part of this blog. Simply mouse over “Gallery” in the header and then click on “Nocturnalogic” when it appears. Nature is integral to my work and taking these images are a way of looking closer. I hope you like them.

On another note, I have been compressing my web presence somewhat in recent days. Like untended plants, these blogs, sites, and social media platforms can grow leggy and pale. My Etsy site was closed as part of this process and it is my intent to use Big Cartel as my sole online shop. At the moment you can find prints, but I’ll be gradually introducing some selected originals and maybe even a book or two.

– Richard.


Books, Photography

If all goes as expected, it looks as though I will have 3 drawings in issue number 2 the Clavis Journal. On a related note, be sure to check out  Ouroboros Press and Three Hands Press and marvel at the care and attention they lavish on their amazing books.

Also cool, and utterly nothing to do with my art, The Black Dog has a new one out.

I took advantage of the nice weather yesterday by pulling out the macro lens and taking a few shots.


Unsociable Snail
© Richard A. Kirk 2013


Robin’s Egg Blue
© Richard A. Kirk 2013


Eye of Toad
© Richard A. Kirk 2013


Fossils from Lake Huron
© Richard A. Kirk.