Drawings, Process, Work in Progress, Works for Sale

Neume – work in progress

Last night, I cleaned out my trusty Rotrings so that I could do some pointillism work. I had an idea for a new drawing, a flower creature. This kind of drawing starts off as stream of consciousness, all about the sheer pleasure of line. The finish though will be very controlled and polished, as everything is pulled together into a galaxy tiny dots. What you see here is only the underdrawing. I like the collision of ideas: plant, animal, & sound. This piece is approximately 9″ x 6″ and will be available on my website soon.

. Richard.

Tin Man’s Dream

Drawings, Process, Work in Progress, Works for Sale

Tin Man’s Dream, 2014-16, ink, 14″ x 10″

I finally finished rendering The Tin Man’s Dream in pointillism. This drawing was started back in 2014 as a line drawing. It sat for a year, during which time I digitally colored the image. At the end of last year I decided to complete it as a pointillism piece. I’m hanging on to the original, but I will be making a print in February, which will be available on my webstore. You can click on the images below to enlarge the images.

The Dark Bead – Work in Progress #1

Drawings, Process, Work in Progress

The Dark Bead – 12″ x 8″, work in progress.

For those interested in seeing work in progress, this is the outlined drawing for a new piece called The Dark Bead. Eventually, it will be a fully rendered pointillism piece, like the drawing Lens, in my last post. I enjoy these works at this stage. In fact in the past I have occasionally stopped at the outline, just because I like the quality of a line. Anyway, I will post some progress shots of this one.

– Richard.

Points of View


Points of View
6″ x 10″
All images © Richard A. Kirk. Any reuse is strictly prohibited without permission of Richard A. Kirk

points_web_detailPoints of View was drawn in 2003. Some of these older works were scanned using an inexpensive desktop scanner, which was all I had at the time. I’ve tried to clean them up in Photoshop, but results are limited by the quality of the source files. Points was done at a time when I was doing a lot of grotesques in silverpoint.

Arthropod Series


Arthropod #1
ink on paper
© Richard A. Kirk


Arthropod #2
ink on paper
© Richard A. Kirk

Over the weekend I did a couple of line drawings, which seemed to cry out to become a series of some kind. I am calling it Arthropod. I have arthropods somewhat on the mind as I have been in the garden a fair bit lately; trying to beat back the weeds that got a foot hold during the cool spring.

These drawing started out as a paper test. I am using the tablet shown below. The paper has great a smooth surface that works well for technical pen as there is virtually no drag on the nib, just enough to hold the line. The paper is also a nice weight for drawing. I think that I am going to preserve this tablet for line drawing.

paper– Richard.