Amnesiac’s Library

Drawings, Natural History

Amnesiac’s Library, 2015, ink on paper, 22″ x 16″

This is a drawing called Amnesiac’s Library. If you follow my work, you’ll know that natural history and libraries are recurring themes. Amnesiac’s Library nearly didn’t happen. I started it several years ago but other things got in the way and it sort of settled to the bottom of my paper rack. My original plan had been to complete the centre and the doors. It was never intended to be so elaborate. For a long time it was never intended to be finished! Then, at the beginning of April, I dug it out and thought about it again and began to see the possibilities. On reflection, it became a completely different drawing, which is the nature of the creative process. The other exciting thing about this piece is that it suggested so many other works, so many other avenues to explore.

Amnesiac’s Library found its new home quickly, which I am very pleased about. I am hoping to do a print at some point this summer. I’ll post the details here when the time comes.

– Richard.