The Dark Bead – Work in Progress #1

For those interested in seeing work in progress, this is the outlined drawing for a new piece called The Dark Bead. Eventually, it will be a fully rendered pointillism piece, like the drawing Lens, in my last post. I enjoy these works at this stage. In fact in the past I have occasionally stopped at... Continue Reading →


This is my first drawing with the .13 Rotring Rapidograph. Until now I've been a die hard .18 Koh-I-Noor user. I still like the latter but I found that the Rotring pen delivered a great performance and gave me a much finer grain. I am definitely using this pen for the illustrations I am working... Continue Reading →

Amnesiac’s Library

This is a drawing called Amnesiac's Library. If you follow my work, you'll know that natural history and libraries are recurring themes. Amnesiac's Library nearly didn't happen. I started it several years ago but other things got in the way and it sort of settled to the bottom of my paper rack. My original plan... Continue Reading →


Well, March was busier than expected and as a result I didn't have a chance to do any "work in progress" shots on this drawing. If you are unfamiliar with the meaning of panspermia you can read about it here. Obviously, I have taken some artistic license. The weird hand is a biographical reference. Many... Continue Reading →


Panspermia is a new piece I am working on. It will be a pointillism drawing when it is finished. What you are seeing here (or not seeing depending on your viewing device) is the graphite under-drawing. I'll be posting "in progress" shots on this blog as I work on the rendering. The same drawing with... Continue Reading →

The Mapmaker of Hull

This image is my most recent work. I am re-posting two other works below that were completed in late 2014, and part of the same cycle. Inquire about the availability of these works

Nightmare’s Diversion

This is a new drawing, just finished today. Nightmare has just distracted the sun (day) and the moon (night) so that she can go abroad unseen. You can click on the images to see larger versions. "Horror and fatality have been stalking abroad in all ages". Edgar Allan Poe - Richard.

Sinistral Sister

The thought behind this piece was to portray an entity that waits for the sleeper beyond the threshold of consciousness. The subtitle is "Awake for the Sleeper." Appearances aside, the creature is not meant to be unambiguously malevolent. It is meant to represent the great unknown of our unconscious mind. The elements from which this... Continue Reading →

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