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Here’s a peek at the three miniature prints I am making available for the Shadowood Show mentioned in my previous post. These image are 3.75″ x 3.75,” in a limited run of 25 prints. I signed and numbered them today, and I’m really pleased how they came out. They are giclee prints on heavy stock and fit very tidily into the IKEA Ribba frame. As mentioned, any remaining prints will be sold through my webstore following the show.

Radiolaria Studios


Shown here, The Unaccountable Absence of the Wastrel

I spent part of today inventorying my stock of prints and thinking about images that I’d like to do as prints in the new year. Any suggestions? You can find prints in my print shop if you are interested. Stocks of many of the print images are down to single digits and may not be reprinted in order allow focus on newer works.

Until the end of December, I am running a sale of original art on my Etsy site, The Art of Richard A. Kirk. Some of the images themselves are reduced in price and I am offering free shipping.

Finally, today I published my Radiolaria Studios Facebook page. This is where I will be keeping people up to date on my publications (books and prints). In the coming months, focus will be on the novel “Necessary Monsters,” as we work toward making the book a physical reality. Expect to see sketches of illustrations and maybe the odd excerpt. Much of the information will be mirrored here eventually but this blog tends to lag a beat behind my FB presence. Follow the link to “like” the page and get the latest.

As always, thanks for your support!

– Richard.