Here's another quick ink and watercolour piece. I'm starting to think about a slightly more ambitious piece. Richard

The Green Demon (on sale)

The Green Demon is on sale in my webstore. Its a piece I did last year when I was doing a small series of demons. I am using the proceeds of these small sale pieces to publish a book of 5 short fantasy stories called Magpie's Ladder. - Richard.

Bell Demon

Here is a new drawing that I did over the last couple of days. This one was going to be inked but I couldn't stop drawing it, and went for a graphite finish. Working on this made me want to do a bunch more drawing, so watch out. Richard.


Leviathan is the first in a small series of watercolours I am calling the Seven Princes of the Underworld. These works will be available in my Etsy store as they are completed. Richard.

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