Secret Society

I started a silverpoint commission several years ago (2006) called the Secret Society. Each of the 10 drawings is a miniature (4" x 3"). This past week I had the time to finish the series, 7-10. I hope you enjoy them! Richard  

Symphonist #6

This piece, called Arco, is part of an ongoing commission of silverpoint miniatures called The Symphonists. The actual work, drawn with silver wire on archival quality illustration board, is 3" x 4." For fun, you can see the others below. Richard.

Symphonist 5

Symphonist No.5 is a silverpoint miniature (4"x3"). It's one of an ongoing series. Silverpoint lends itself beautifully to miniature work due to the precision you can get with the silver stylus. Over time, this drawing will darken as the particles of silver trapped by the ground begin to tarnish.

Invisible World Drawing

This is the pencil under drawing for a new commission piece that I'll be working on for the next couple of weeks. It's called The Invisible World. I'll be blogging some updates as it progresses.Richard.

Symphonist #2 (Score)

I just finished this little silverpoint drawing this afternoon. It's part of a commissioned series for composer Cris Velasco. For fun I have also posted the pencil concept sketch below. Richard.

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