Symphonist 5

Symphonist No.5 is a silverpoint miniature (4"x3"). It's one of an ongoing series. Silverpoint lends itself beautifully to miniature work due to the precision you can get with the silver stylus. Over time, this drawing will darken as the particles of silver trapped by the ground begin to tarnish.


I did this new piece as a break between illustrations. Sometimes I just get images that I have to get out of my head. This was one. It is conceptually similar to a watercolour that I did earlier in the year called HUNGER. This one is a bit darker in tone. When I get a... Continue Reading →

Pale Agent

This is a new drawing called Pale Agent - evolved to peer through knotholes. I'm currently working on illustrations for a new book, which this has nothing to do with. Later in October I will be at a local event called Art O' Con, with some new prints. For those that might be interested, Pale... Continue Reading →


Playing with ink this morning. How can a substance so simple give us such a variety of atmospheres to work with? This piece is called Apples, inspired by the apples that are still clinging to my neighbor's tree in the middle of a Canadian winter. The figures are courtesy of my over caffeinated brain!

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