Mysterious Garden

A couple of years ago I drew an imaginary plant in silverpoint, which at the time I thought of as a the first in a series of drawings to be called Mysterious Garden. Well, I finally got back to that project last week and drew 2 more pieces in the series. I'm posting all 3... Continue Reading →

Compulsion and Psychonaut

I just finished these two decorative ink drawings. They were done with carbon black acrylic ink on heavy artboard. They are available for sale (and on sale!) on my webstore. Just a reminder that I have a selection of larger works done over the past year available for viewing, and sale on my website. Check... Continue Reading →


Mascot, 2021, ink & watercolour, 6"x5"Crustacean, 2021, ink & watercolour, 5"x5"Flora, 2021, ink & watercolour, 5"x5"Tangent, 2021, ink & watercolour, 5"x5"Venom, 2021, ink & watercolour, 5"x5"Witness, 2021, ink & watercolour, 5"x5" I've had a very busy few days with non-art related things, so it was fun to have these little pieces to work on. They... Continue Reading →

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