Walking Backwards 2003

Every now and then on this blog I surface a drawing from the depths of my hard drive. This one, from 2003, was done at a time when I was playing with the idea of doing comics, or a comic anyway. Other things came along and the idea was abandoned, partially for the sake of... Continue Reading →

Walking Backwards: Nightlight

I remember doing Nightlight at a time when I was searching for a new approach to ink drawing. This technique of building up layers of cross hatched ink is one that I now use regularly. With Nightlight and another drawing called 10 Cent Dream I worked out a lot of the technical challenges. Richard

Walking Backwards: Idle Hands

Continuing the Walking Backwards theme for a second day, I give you Idle Hands. This one wasn't even on my hard-drive. It was hidden away on a recordable DVD. Honestly, I had completely forgotten about it. I'm not sure why. It has a lot of my favorite elements: books, wasp nests, birds, weird characters with... Continue Reading →

Walking Backwards

I've decided to start an irregular category on this blog called Walking Backwards. It's like a Throwback Thursday thing but it will appear as the mood suits. Walking Backwards will feature works, dug from my groaning hard-drive,  which I created in the past but haven't posted in a while. How far back I go will... Continue Reading →

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