This is a new drawing just finished today. I've had this creature in my head for the last couple of weeks and needed to let it out. What interested me about this subject was the questions between the main figure and the weird cyclopean pupa thing on its back. Is it a child of the... Continue Reading →

Walking Backwards

I've decided to start an irregular category on this blog called Walking Backwards. It's like a Throwback Thursday thing but it will appear as the mood suits. Walking Backwards will feature works, dug from my groaning hard-drive,  which I created in the past but haven't posted in a while. How far back I go will... Continue Reading →


I woke up yesterday morning to the news that Ernst Fuchs had passed away. Fuchs' influence on fantastic art is incalculable and mirrored in the works of innumerable artists. Like Salvador Dali, Zdzislaw Beksinski, and Hans Rudolph Giger, Fuchs' work became a touchstone for visionary and fantastic artists everywhere, a gateway into a realm of... Continue Reading →


I’m catching up on some images that I posted to Facebook recently but not on this blog. This vignette drawing is called Petal. The medium is graphite, which for me is the most basic and direct method of expression. Petal is a grotesque. Without over analyzing what was essentially an intuitively drawn piece, my intention... Continue Reading →

Free Fall

This is probably the longest period of time that I have left this blog in free-fall. The last post was September 5, and it is now November 5! I have been busy during that period, making art, writing and filling my brain with all kinds of inspiration. Now, with the cold weather coming, I plan... Continue Reading →

A List

Ghosted Earworm Sinistral Sister Nameless Informant Forbidden by the Deep Centipede Demon Tin Man Strangewood Tadpole Pins Fairy Feller's Master Stroke Ebb and Flow Bell Demon Freedom of Imagination Belial Leviathan Green Demon Seven Sisters Hunter's Blind Apples Time Traveler Nighshade Warm Sea Invisible World These are the titles of all the drawings and paintings... Continue Reading →

Line Drawings

These are some line drawings from one of my sketch books. I think that I'm going to develop the first one into a graphite drawing. - Richard.

Roadside Attractions Preview

The preview for the Roadside Attractions show opening October 18 at the Copro Gallery is now up! Here are a few details of my piece, The Informant, which is one of the works featured in the show. Kudos to Cris Velasco to pulling this fantastic event together! Finally, Hi Fructose gave a nice mention. -... Continue Reading →

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