Mystery Sketches

During the latter half of October, I offered incentive sketches on my webshop - a free sketch with every shop order. There was some demand from people to purchase the sketches outright, so I introduced the Mystery Sketch option, which is still active. As you can see, as time went on, the sketches became more... Continue Reading →

I'll have some work in this show in June. Check out the FB page to see the list of amazing artists for this show.

Monstrous Tiny Tattoo

Sam Bernardes just sent me a great shot of her new tattoo, which was based on one of my Monstrous Tinies! The tattoo was executed by artist Rachael Jennings who works out of Leamington Spa in the West Midlands of England at her studio called 'Passion and Pain'. Thank you Sam, thank you Rachael!

Sea Nymph Tattoo

Ashley Richbow was kind enough to send me a photograph of her new tattoo based on my Sea Nymph drawing. The tattoo was done by Bernard Dunn from Classic Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV. The artist did a great job of interpreting the piece and I especially like the placement and the way the curve... Continue Reading →

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