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A Few of My Favourite Things
(photo © Richard A. Kirk 2021)

I took a much longer hiatus from this blog than intended! I was surprised/ not surprised to see that my last post was back in April. Yikes.

So far 2021 has been a bit of a slow burn for me creatively. I’ve been doing a lot but mostly things that can’t be revealed for a little while yet – illustrating a couple of books, working on a new novel that I am very excited about and even doing a course. Now that these projects are on course, I want to make some time for blogging about my process and various preoccupations. Social media is fine, and I will continue on IG, FB and Twitter, but this is my preferred platform. Moving forward, I’ll start back with a weekly post (at minimum) and go from there.

In the meantime, please consider joining my mailing list. I’ll be pushing out information about upcoming books, prints and other things soon. I’ll also be using the list for some special offers.

Special thanks to everyone who took advantage of the free shipping offer on my webstore in June. I will be posting new items there in the coming week.

Finally, along with this blog, I also have a book specific blog called Amnesiac’s Library that I will be posting to as well.

Thanks for Reading!


Betwixt & Between The Monsters We Dream – Shadowood Collective Opening

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I thought I’d share some photos from last night’s opening of the latest exhibition by the Shadowood Collective. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance take as many picture as I would have liked, but these shots should give you an idea of the event. Co-curators Sarah LeGault and Vincent Marcone (My Pet Skeleton) brought together a remarkable group of artists that included printmakers, photographers, painters, graphite artists, animators, doll artists and fashion designers. I have no idea how they coordinated the hanging of the show in less than one day. The event was very well attended despite the cold night, and it was great to connect with other artists and art fans. Also, I got a very cool surprise at the opening, but I’ll save that for a future post!

– Richard.


The miniature print wall


West wall




Ryan Price “Alive – on the inside”


Allen Williams “The Birth of Death”


Melissa Panth “Squirrel”


Room shot

Last Summer

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rickandsteveLast summer, my friend Steve Venright, and a car load of his wonderful family, came through for a visit. I’ve known Steve since we were teenagers (gasp). I just found this photo, which I had quite forgotten about, in my camera. It’s a good one don’t you think? Besides being an amazing poet, Steve is also the producer of Dreaming Like Mad with Dion McGregor. That beautiful art work is by Kerry Zentner. Check out Steve’s website at TVR.

– Richard.


Nocturnalogic Redux

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nocturnalogicLast summer I spent some time photographing things in my garden with a macro lens. Some of the pictures were put on a blog called Nocturnalogic, which I have since discontinued. I have salvaged the images and added them to a gallery as part of this blog. Simply mouse over “Gallery” in the header and then click on “Nocturnalogic” when it appears. Nature is integral to my work and taking these images are a way of looking closer. I hope you like them.

On another note, I have been compressing my web presence somewhat in recent days. Like untended plants, these blogs, sites, and social media platforms can grow leggy and pale. My Etsy site was closed as part of this process and it is my intent to use Big Cartel as my sole online shop. At the moment you can find prints, but I’ll be gradually introducing some selected originals and maybe even a book or two.

– Richard.

Centipede Demon

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Centipede Demon
11″ x 9″
Ink and digital colour

I just finished coloring this drawing. The actual ink was done earlier in the year. Over the last few days I’ve been focused on digital coloring.  My motivation for stepping outside of my usual analog mode of working (painting and drawing) came from looking at the works of some other artists: Moebius, Mignola and Tomine. What attracted me was the use of flat color. For that reason I set myself a single guideline, which was to severely limit any 3D modeling. The “feel” is certainly different from what I am used to but I can see a lot of intriguing possibilities.

In other news, the of Beauties and Beasts exhibition is still on at Clement Art in Troy, New York. My piece Pins is in the show along with brilliant collection of works by other artists. Gallery owner and artist, Jon Gernon, has posted photographs from the show. Of Beauties and Beasts continues for another seven weeks.

For those that might be interested, I have opened a Behance account. Behance is Adobe’s portfolio site.

I have continued to add to my new photo blog Nocturnalogic. I started this photo blog a couple of weeks ago as a way to celebrate nature and biodiversity at the micro level. Armed with my Canon Rebel and macro lens I venture into my back garden (for the most part) and photograph whatever I happen to come across. I try to post to the blog every couple of days.

Circumstance this year were not favorable for me to attend FanExpo in Toronto, but I am already making plans for next year. We have some good ideas for our table merch. I’ll keep you posted!

Finally, I hope to have some news about some book projects coming up in the near future, so stay tuned.

– Richard.

Lamentation for the Last Drop of Honey

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Detail from Lamentation for the Last Drop of Honey, a work in progress.
ink on paper
© Richard A. Kirk

Here’s a vignette from a new piece that I’m working on called Lamentation for the Last Drop of Honey. I always have fun with the title of my pieces, but this drawing had at its heart a serious concern: the devastation we’ve seen in honey bee populations. I’m not a scientist, I am an artist, and so my response is through art. It’s not a message. It’s more a reflection or meditation. The finished piece will appear (in reproduction) in TOME II Melancholia and (the original art) the November beinArt show at Copro Gallery next month.



Moss and lichen from a nearby bog.
© Richard A. Kirk 2013

The weather has been remarkable this past week. I was able to get out to take some reference photographs. This one was taken in a nearby bog.