A Few of My Favourite Things (photo © Richard A. Kirk 2021) I took a much longer hiatus from this blog than intended! I was surprised/ not surprised to see that my last post was back in April. Yikes. So far 2021 has been a bit of a slow burn for me creatively. I've been... Continue Reading →

Images from Pierre Huyghe

Pierre Huyghe from LACMA on Vimeo. I came across the work of this artist, Pierre Huyghe today, thanks to a friend giving me one of his book covers. The video contains some arresting images, which resonated with me. Apparently there was a controversy about the dog in the video, but it was checked out and... Continue Reading →

Last Summer

Last summer, my friend Steve Venright, and a car load of his wonderful family, came through for a visit. I've known Steve since we were teenagers (gasp). I just found this photo, which I had quite forgotten about, in my camera. It's a good one don't you think? Besides being an amazing poet, Steve is... Continue Reading →

Nocturnalogic Redux

Last summer I spent some time photographing things in my garden with a macro lens. Some of the pictures were put on a blog called Nocturnalogic, which I have since discontinued. I have salvaged the images and added them to a gallery as part of this blog. Simply mouse over "Gallery" in the header and... Continue Reading →

Centipede Demon

I just finished coloring this drawing. The actual ink was done earlier in the year. Over the last few days I've been focused on digital coloring.  My motivation for stepping outside of my usual analog mode of working (painting and drawing) came from looking at the works of some other artists: Moebius, Mignola and Tomine.... Continue Reading →

This is me from many years ago, sometime in the 1970s. I can't really articulate why but I've always liked this snapshot. I think because is foretells how important the visual would become in my life.

Visible Man Taken with Camera Noir iPhone App © Richard A. Kirk 2013  

Air & Water

I like to keep my macro lens close to hand for shots like these. These were a couple of air plants that were put in a bowl of water in the sunlight. After a few hours the surface of the plants became covered in tiny bubbles. - Richard

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